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Upentum Consulting provides diversified professional services and advice on training and learning, capacity building, business development, operation management, talent acquisition, and project consultancy in IT, infrastructure, oil, gas, power, health and medical sectors. We use a strong pool of highly skilled experts and multi-discipline professional consultants across industries to meet the expanding demands of our valued clients. We strive to maintain the highest possible professional standards for our services.

Upentum Training Consultancy

Training Consultancy

♦ Training workshops, seminars, and events
♦ RTO/CRICOS setup, compliance, and audit
♦ Education management and professional development

Upentum Management / HR Consultancy

Management/HR Consultancy

♦ Strategic and risk management
♦ Recruitment and talent acquisition
♦ Information Management Systems

Upentum Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy

♦ Business Development and Operation
♦ Export and Import
♦ Sales and Marketing

Upentum Project Management Consultancy

Project Management Consultancy

♦ IT, oil, gas, and power
♦ Infrastructure and construction
♦ Healthcare and medical tourism